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Eglima sti Galeri” (Crime at the Gallery),

This season’s production of AbOvo was very successful. With 46 sold-out nights, the show is going to continue next season.

“Eglima sti Galleri” is an interactive murder mystery game where the audience become detectives for one night! In a 1.100m2 space they get to interrogate the suspects, look for evidence at the crime scene and solve a mysterious murder attempt.


Click here to watch the trailer on youtube (in Greek)

The Planet

The first ever Greek spaceship is launched into space tο find an uninhabited planet capable of hosting the “immortal” Greek civilization. Against all odds the planet is found, the spaceship lands and the Greeks celebrate. But what happens at night, when something visits the sleeping Greeks? What is the secret behind the Planet?

Winner of the Judge’s Exposure award in Birmingham’s BE Festival 2010, this language-free, physical theatre comedy, by the acclaimed Greek theatre company AbOvo, explores the dark side of being Greek, but in reality, of being human.

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Me agapi, AbOvo” (With love, AbOvo)

2007, 6 shows – 900 people

Eki, eki stin Kolasi” (There, there to Hell)

2005 - 2007, 220+ shows 13.000 people

Our first show “Eki, eki stin Kolasi” (There, there to Hell) was a huge success for a new company. It was originally programmed to play for 10 nights and ended up playing for 2,5 years with almost 13.000 people seeing it. The company was awarded with two grants from the ministry of culture, is funded ever since and (actor/director) Yannis Sarakatsanis was nominated for a “New Creator” award by the Greek Theatre Critics Guild.

Mama Ellada 2” (Mother Greece 2)

2009-2010, 109 shows – 10.000 people


2007-2008, 57 shows – 3.667 people

Ellada ise Preza (Junkie for Greece)

2007-2008, 13 shows – 800 people

Mama Ellada” (Mother Greece)

2008-2009, 58 shows – 2.200 people

To Idryma” (The Foundation)

2011-2012, 36 shows – 3.000 people